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#1. To create a dictionary in python ____ pair is used.

#2. The process of converting a data type into another data type is known as____

#3. What is the fullform of csv?

#4. Which comment start with # symbol?

#5. Who developed Python Programming Language?

#6. What is the latest version of python till now (JAN 2022)?

#7. Which keyword is used for function in Python language?

#8. Which function is used to return the absolute value of a number?

#9. .........are drawn using certain special purpose symbols?

#10. Which of the following is a step by step process of solving a well defined computational problem?

#11. Which of them following are mutable data types?

Select all that apply:

#12. Using___, The length of the program can be reduced.

#13. These operators are used to make a decision on two conditions.

#14. From which function we can add values in the end of a list?

#15. String literals in python are enclosed with?

Select all that apply:

#16. Which type of Programming does Python support?

#17. Which exception classes raised when a generated error does not fall into any category?

#18. This method is used to delete key and respective value from dictionary.

#19. What is the fullform of PIP?

#20. What is the full form of Idle?

#21. To print all the elements of tuple in reversed order using .......

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