Ethical hacking Mcqs | Cybersecurity quiz for beginners

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Take Ethical Hacking Quiz to Test Your Knowledge, This Ethical hacking Quiz is only and specially designed for beginners who just started learning ethical hacking.


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#1. ____is the most important language Hackers must know for Web Hacking

#2. Inserting malicious code in the input fields (like search box) of a vulnerable site to extract sensitive information from the server, this attack is called____

#3. Which tool is used for cracking Wi-Fi passwords

#4. Select all the GUI based operating Systems

Select all that apply:

#5. Which of the following is an active attack?

#6. Objectives of Cryptography are/is___

#7. Knowledge of Programming languages are important & benificial for cybersecurity?

#8. During a phone call a scammer uses social engineering to get you to share personal information and financial details. What type of attack is it?

#9. Select all types of Malwares below-

Select all that apply:

#10. Imagine that you are sitting in a cafe and you are using public Wi-Fi on your Pc there and also you are buying a product from a site that do not have a HTTPS secure connection and you are entering your card's and bank account details there; now by which method hackers can steal your data easily?

#11. What is the attack called 'evil twin'?

#12. API Stands for_____

#13. What port number dows HTTPS use

#14. Termux is a/an

#15. ____ is the brain of computer

#16. Linux is a/an____

#17. What is the primary goal of an Ethical Hacker is__

#18. Which Operating System ranks 1st for hacking?

#19. What are the advantages of ethical Hacking?

#20. Bash language can be used to write tools and scripts for ethical hacking.

#21. The part of web which is not indexed on search engines_____

Select all that apply:

#22. Hiding an encrypted file in a image is an example of____

#23. Which Operating System is best for Privacy and anonymity____

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