Top 10 Best Programming languages For Ethical Hacking 2022

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What is Programming Language?

A programming language is a vocabulary and set of grammatical guidelines for instructing a computer or computing device to perform particular tasks.
A programming language is a form of computer Language like A computer language is a technique of communication with a computer. types of computer languages consist of:
construction language, all forms of communication by way of which a human can specify an executable problem solution to a computer. computer systems “think” in binary — strings of 1s and 0s. Programming languages allow us to translate the 1s and 0s into something that human beings can recognize and write. A programming Language works as a bridge between human beings and computers because it permits human beings to translate their thoughts into commands computers can recognize effortlessly.

Is Programming necessary in Ethical Hacking?

In short and simple words No. Programming is not necessary for Hacking there are so many hackers out there who were good hackers but they really don’t know programming. Learning programming will not make you a hacker but
if you learn programming and you already know hacking or have the hacking skills then you’ll be able to write your own programs you’ll be able to read existing code and maybe discover weaknesses in it you’ll be able to extend existing programs and even the codes the simple code will make more sense because you actually learned programming.
Programming is not essential to be a good hacker and you can be a really good hacker without knowing programming
but if you do learn programming you will become an even better hacker so you can look at programming as a plus point or as an extra skill. It will also save you from becoming a script-kiddie and gives you knowledge about the logic behind the code as a developer what mistakes they can do and many more. The conclusion is Programming languages will definitely help in your Ethical hacking career.

Best Programming Languages you can learn For Ethical Hacking in 2021:


Python is a very simple language and a very powerful scripting language, It’s open-source and object-oriented.

Python is one of the most popular languages in the year 2021 due to its abundance of tools and libraries that’s why it is also preferred for Hacking.


Database interaction: Later on this list of the exceptional programming languages for hacking is SQL Having in-depth information on SQL allows you to recognize a database’s structure, thereby helping to make a decision on which scripts or tools to install. Hacking Databases: SQL is used for web hacking; it is absolutely the best programming language for hacking huge databases. SQL Injection: using SQL, hackers can carry out SQL injection attacks. Hackers use SQL to increase diverse hacking programs based on SQL injection. SQL injection assaults assist hackers to view and alter personal records from databases.


if you need to be an ethical hacker of web pages and applications, then you’ll most likely want to know some HTML and JavaScript. Javascript is the most important language for web hacking or web penetration. “Javascript is a server-side scripting language”

Yet, with Javascript, you can manipulate the HTML to do nearly something from changing the way pages look to creating your personal in case you gain access to the webserver, then you can gain access to the whole network and the possibilities are endless after that factor. JavaScript can be used to read saved cookies. Cross-Site Scripting programs are one of the most dangerous attacks in web hacking developed by Javascript, Additionally, JavaScript is also used to spread and reproduce malware and viruses quickly.


PHP is one of the most effective server-aspect languages utilized in maximum web domain names. learning PHP enables you to fight against malicious attackers. popular content material control systems run on a foundation of PHP; hence, PHP facilitates you to protect or compromise websites.


C programming language is said to be the mother of all languages because it will clear all your basics as a programming language, You can easily switch to any other language if you’ve already master C Programming language. Its Features for hackers are Exploit Writing and Development, Access Hardware, Create Shellcodes. Hackers use C programming to access and manipulate system resources and hardware components such as the RAM. Security professionals mostly use C when they are required to manipulate system resources and hardware.


System administrators use Perl for all varieties of reasons. Perl is a scripting language that may be written to handle a wide variety of capabilities. It’s utilized by system directors and network Programmers especially to perform network routing operations. This language is beneficial in case you hack into a server after which need to locate and reach out to other network assets. you can additionally increase current scripts to ship copies of records to extraordinary places than they had been intended to ease information robbery. Perl is the Swiss Army Knife of programming languages, so it is an essential skill to master for hackers.


The HyperText Markup Language – HTML is the standard markup language, not a programming language used to create web pages. It’s very helpful for hackers also, HTML also finds its use in growing hybrid mobile and laptop apps. HTML is considered an easy language to analyze. therefore, it is advised to master HTML in case you want to compromise web apps.


Ruby is a web-orientated programming language. It also has the reputation of making internet-exploiting programs for a long time. Ruby can make small and big scripts. one of the maximum famous hacking gear is written through Ruby programming the call of the framework is The Metasploit penetration trying out framework. Syntax of the ruby is commonly much like Python. however, both languages are fantastic at automating commonplace hacking programs however Ruby is a lot greater web-orientated. For advanced flexibility, this is the high-quality language for hacking at the same time as writing exploits.


This low-level programming language is very complicated. If you want to reverse engineer a piece of software that has already been compiled, Assembly is the tool of choice. Assembly will even let you manipulate hardware through the use of drivers, which are the pieces of code used to give hardware instructions. It is also the most appropriate coding language to build malware like viruses and trojans.


Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. Java is Object Oriented. However, it is not considered as pure object-oriented as it provides support for primitive data types (like int, char, etc). You can opt for java if you want to do android apps pen-testing.


You can start your Coding Journey by choosing any one of the programming languages above. Remember You should focus on learning Programming as a Skill not on Choosing the right programming language.

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