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Ethical hacking is a discipline widely followed by major big wings of the tech industry is to protect their organizations again the forthcoming problems from hackers. Certified Ethical hackers are in high demand and in this session, I’ll be telling you about the roadmap for being an Ethical hacker so without any further delay let’s start with today’s topic.

We’ll start this session by taking a look at what is ethical hacking and its roles and its importance in the industry then I’ll be discussing the roadmaps and skills needed for being an ethical hacker finally we’ll end this session by taking a look at various tools used by ethical hackers.

So, what is Ethical hacking well the act of hacking is defined as the process of finding a set of vulnerabilities in a target system and systematically exploiting them. Ethical hacking as a discipline differentiates itself from hackers by adding this important concept called ‘consent’, the addition of consent to this process will serve two objectives first one the process of being legally active, Since the ethical hacker takes permission prior to hacking into a system it is legally made sure that he or she has no malicious intent this is normally performed by making ethical hackers sign a contract that legally binds him to the work towards the improvement of the security for the company to sum things. An Ethical hacker is a computer security specialist who hacks into a system with the consent or permission of the owner to discover vulnerabilities in the security of a system in order to improve it.

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Roles that ethical hackers do there seem to be a general misconception that a person with an ethical hacking career is only responsible for penetration testing of system and application well this is not true an ethical hacker is responsible for much more, you see ethical hacker perform operations such as scanning open and closed port using Nmap tool and then the ethical hacker is engaged in social engineering methodologies examining patches released to perform various vigorous vulnerability analysis on them and an ethical hacker will see if he or she can evade an IPS which is nothing but intrusion prevention system honeypots and firewall ethical hackers can also employ their strategies into sniffing networks bypassing and cracking wireless encryption and hijacking web services and web applications. As ethical hackers try to replicate the working of black hat hackers by analyzing the defense protocols and social engineering aspect of an organization thus, to sum up, the ethical hacker job role is to protect the privacy of an organization that ethical hacker is working for then immaculate report any sort of breach in the system to the corresponding division with the responsibility of mending the vulnerabilities and update hardware and software vendors regarding the sort of vulnerabilities found in the product that is being used in orchestrating the business. 

Why Ethical hacking is important?

We all know that data has become an invaluable resource accordingly the prevention of privacy and integration of data has also increased in importance in the essence this makes ethical hacking extremely important today this is primarily due to the fact that almost every business out there has an internet-facing side whether be it public relation content marketing or sales internet is being used as a medium this makes any endpoint that is being used to serve the medium of possible vulnerabilities. Furthermore, hackers of the present age have proven themselves to be creative genius when it comes to penetrating into a system fighting fire with fire might not work in the real world but to fight off a hacker so smart an organization needs someone who has the same training to go through, recent hacking outrage has led to losses amounting to millions of dollars these incidents have cautioned businesses around the globe and made them rethink their stance on the importance of ethical hacking and cyber security by now I’m sure you have a motive to study ethical hacking, 

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Roadmap to become an Ethical Hacker:

Let me now walk you through the road map to become an ethical hacker how you begin your road to becoming an ethical hacker very much depends on your current field of occupation study or research if you’re not in the field that is remotely related to computer science information technology or cyber security you might need to shift to one, for someone who is at the early stage of their career this might be an easy task but for others suddenly changing their field into work is a daring task having a bachelor’s degree certainly helps you slack the job but you can pass most of the beginner level interview with the general knowledge of networking and operating systems. technical knowledge aside an ethical hacker must be a creative thinker and a reason for this is that ethical hackers have to predict and prevent crack activities and this requires out-of-the-box thinking apart that ethical hacker should also think like a hacker in order to beat him in its own game furthermore ethical hackers need to be able to work under pressure with immaculate judgment last but not least an ethical hacker must be proficient at communicating the problems he found to the corresponding department. Those who are spectacle about going to college could pursue their career in the military having some experience in the military particularly in the intelligence faction could help your resume get noticed by necessary employers.


Getting a job as an ethical hacker prior to getting industry experience is really difficult after getting an entry-level job such as tech support engineer or a security analyst you may try attending some of the partner certifications which will definitely give you a certain edge over the others while you are applying for the job.

Certifications- let’s discuss it while talent and ability aren’t established only by certification but they do help when you’re proving your knowledge and skills to others even if you don’t have ample industry experience a certification like a certified ethical hacker in short CEH unquestionably helps CEH is an unbiased credential and generally, CEH certified ethical hackers are in high demand according to pay scale certified ethical hacker in short CEH earns around 88 000 dollars per annum apart from CEH few other noteworthy certifications are sans certification certified vulnerability assessor certified professional ethical hacker and then certified penetration testing engineer.

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Let see few of the skills that Ethical hackers should have as I mentioned earlier an ethical hacker is a computer expert who specializes in networking and penetration testing some of the skills that I would say important experience in various operating systems primarily in Linux and its various distribution this is because a good portion of vulnerability testing includes invading the target system and shifting through their systems this is impossible without a good grasp of an operating system then in-depth knowledge of networking is also a key to a successful ethical hacking career this involves packet tracking packet sniffing intrusion detection prevention and scanning subnets. 

Also, programming is an important skill now programming is a very vast topic with different approaches in every language as an ethical hacker it is not expected of you to be a master coder but to be a jack of all trades whenever i have mentioned programming is ethical hacking essential I have been asked why this is because most people don’t have the slightest clue about the roles and responsibilities of an ethical hacker here are the few reasons that make programming knowledge critical in an ethical hacking career you see ethical hackers are problem solvers and tool builders learning how to program will help you implement solutions to the problem programming also helps in automating tasks that would generally take up precious time to compete writing program can also help you identify when exploiting programming errors in the application that will be targeted programming knowledge also helps you in customizing pre-existing tools in order to crater to your needs. 


Let’s see about tools used in ethical hacking let me walk you through a few of them although it is impossible to go through every ethical hacking tool in this single session hence I’ll be just going through some of the really famous ones starting off with nmap nmap which is a shorthand term for network mapper it is a reconnaissance tool that is widely used by ethical hackers to gain information about the target system this information is key to decide proceeding steps to attack the target system nmap is a cross-platform and works on mac linux and windows it has gained immense popularity in the hacking community due to its ease of use and powerful searching and scanning abilities next we have netspeaker netspeaker is a web application security testing tool and niche speaker finds and reports web application vulnerabilities such as sql injection cross-site scripting on all type of web applications regardless of the platform technology that they are built with. Netspeaker’s unique and dead accuracy proof building security technology does not just report vulnerabilities it also produces a proof of concept to confirm that no false alarms have been ringing freeing you from having to double-check the identified vulnerabilities.

Moving ahead to the next tool that is burp suite enterprise edition burp suit is a javascript based web penetration testing framework it has become an industry standard and this tool is used by information security professionals burp suite helps you identify vulnerabilities and verify attack vectors that are affecting web applications burp suits unquestionable acceptance and fame came to an attribute to the fantastic web application crawler it can accurately map content and functionality this automatically handling sessions and handle all sort of state change violation content and application logins 

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Moving on to our next tool that is nothing but Metasploit, Metasploit is an open-source pen-testing framework written in ruby this acts as a public resource for reaching security vulnerabilities and developing code that allows network administrators to break into his own network to identify security risks and document the vulnerabilities it is also one of few tools used by beginning hackers to practice their skills it allows you to replicate website for phishing and other social engineering purposes.

Alright, guys with this we come to the end of our session I hope you enjoyed and learned something new if you have any further questions please do mention them in the comment box below until next time goodbye and take care.

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