Benefits of Ethical Hacking | Perks of an Ethical Hacker

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Who is an Ethical Hacker?

In general, Ethical hacking is a Process of testing and finding Vulnerabilities in the System and informing these vulnerabilities to the administrator to solve this bug/issue in the system/software. and The person who performs these tasks are called Ethical hackers. We will talk in some other articles about Ethical hacking in detail like types of ethical hacking and all more stuff. Let’s move to the topic

Why you should choose Ethical hacking as a career? Or What are the Benefits of Ethical hacking?

The usage of technology in our daily life is increasing day by day as many of us are working from home due to pandemics ‘and’ we are doing most things with our phones or laptop at home because of this reason some computer experts or you can say some Black hat hackers find this as an opportunity and trying to scam people who didn’t have much knowledge and awareness about hacking. The number of phishing attacks, data breaches, online scams, & black hat hacking increases that’s why it is important for us to be aware of that and If we’re learning Ethical hacking so that we can provide cybersecurity to others also and save them from cybercrime we can also provide cybersecurity to our government, organizations and prevent them from Cyberattacks. Pursuing ethical hacking can add immense value to an organization, if practiced and exercised efficiently and correctly.

Nowadays, ethical hacking is one of the most demanded skills as it will become a necessity for companies to hire Ethical Hackers.

The primary benefit of ethical hacking is to prevent data from being stolen and misused by malicious attackers, Coming across vulnerabilities from an attacker’s POV to fix vulnerable points. Implementing a secure network that prevents security breaches. Defending national security using protecting data from terrorists. Gaining the belief of clients and buyers by using making sure the safety of their products and data. Supporting protect networks with real-world assessments.

A very promising manner to go into the cybersecurity field is to gather certifications regarding the identical. one of the most status cybersecurity certifications is the certified ethical Hacker offered via the EC-Council. If this certification is pursued by an applicant, it showcases his eagerness regarding the challenge, and going via the examination successfully proves the applicant’s capacity and skill for the desired function.

With just a year’s experience in this field, and An ethical hacker can get a salary of up to four to five lakhs per annum. If the White Hat hacker has experienced up to five years, the salary can be as high as 12 lakhs every year. This is one of the key reasons why people are being pulled towards this field.

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