Mining Cryptocurrencies Using CPU for Fun and Profit

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand how mining works under the hood
  • Open a working cryptocurrency wallet
  • Connect your wallet with Binance Smart Chain to reduce transaction fees
  • Download a suitable CPU Miner
  • Configure the miner according to your need
  • Start mining Cryptos in a pool and earn profit


  • No programming skills.
  • No technical skills.
  • No additional skills required as the video explains everything step by step.

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Everyone knows about Cryptocurrency. But how deep do they understand this concept? Everyone has heard about Crypto Mining. But again, how many actually know the exact meaning of Mining? Although Cryptocurrency has been an old concept (around 10 years old), surprisingly many don’t know about it. In fact, whenever a person mentions Cryptocurrency, the first thing an inexperienced guy would exclaim is, “Bitcoin“. The influence of Bitcoin is too deep that even a person who is not into crypto would even know about it.


Ever wanted to mine Cryptocurrency and earn income but couldn’t do so due to high hardware requirements? Now fret not! Because it’s still possible to mine Cryptocurrencies using just your CPU. And the most amazing part? You can earn huge profits as well! In this amazing course, I will explain what exactly is Cryptocurrency mining and how you can start mining one right from the comfort of your home.

I will also be sharing with you my mining strategy that will make you rich if everything falls in place. At the time of writing this, the market competition is still low, but if you don’t act quickly then there is a higher chance that you will fall behind. So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and learn all you wanna know about mining Cryptos using CPU!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to know about mining Cryptos using CPU and earn profit

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