Ethical Hacking – SQL Injection Attack

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What you’ll learn

✔ Students will be able to learn basics of sql injection attacks

✔ Students will be able to use kali Linux database Penetration testing tools

✔ Students will be able to perform SQL injection attacks.

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  • Student must have Kali linux Operating System Installed
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer


SQL Injection (SQLi) refers to an injection attack wherein an attacker can execute malicious SQL statements (also commonly referred to as a  malicious payload) that control a web application’s database server.

The impact SQL injection can have on a business is far-reaching. A  successful attack may result in the unauthorized viewing of user lists,  the deletion of entire tables, and, in certain cases, the attacker gaining administrative rights to a database, all of which are highly detrimental to a business.   

In this course, you will perform SQL injection attacks on websites. This course is a practical course in which you are going to perform practicals based on SQL injection attacks.

NOTE: This course is created for educational purposes only.

Who this course is for:

  • Ethical Hackers
  • Pentesters
  • Web Security Specialists

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